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Medstrom's Bariatric Solution.

Apart from the ability to support the patients weight, one of the most challenging aspects of nursing the obese or bariatric patient is having the ability to turn them on the bed to carry out  nursing procedures, this is often impossible due to the beds platform size in most products on the market. Medstrom's solution offers:-

  • Widest width and heaviest weight capacity
  • A unique patient management system
  • Superior surface creating pressure redistribution up to 72 stone
  • Dignity for the patient whilst in your care

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Medstrom's Bariatric Solution
Safe Side Rail

Split side rail design to create safety, the strength and stability of the siderail design means they can be used for mobilisation within the platform and to egress the side of the bed.

Extendable Width

This easy to use extendable width, extends the platform to 1.22m with ease. Thus providing enough space to safely carry out nursing duties as well as providing a safe and comfortable surface for the patient.

Superior Support Surface

This Low air loss surface works to create maximum pressure redistribution to minimise contact pressures on the skin, it will support up to 71Kgs, and is indicated for both treatment and prevention of tissue damage.

75 Stone Capacity

Not only does this bed provide a high weight capacilty, but it also provides enough width to allow safe nursing duties to be carried out.

Main Features

Width and Length- Collapse the frame from 1.22 m wide to 0.91 m wide easily without tools!  The length can be collapsed from 2.23 m to 2.03 m, allowing easy transfer through hallways and doors

Weight limit - Will support up to 75 stone

2 Staff Controls - Ergonomically designed for the caregiver with an upward angled face, the staff control contains function lockouts and backlit controls. IPX4 rated to resist fluid ingress.

Split Side Rail Design - Side rails are designed to easily fold down for patient access whilst maintaining a safe floor gap to avoid foot injury, even in the low position. Side rails are strong and stable and can be used for pateint mobility

Head angle indicator

Medstrom’s Bariatric solution

Width & weight.

Medstroms Bariatric solution offers a product that will hold up to 75 stone on a platform that gives the nursing staff plenty of flexibility.

The platform extends from 91 to 1.22 m without the need to use any tools; it is easily pulled into the required position to meet the clinical needs of the patient - which is achieved easily without any risk to the caregiver. Once extended it provides a safe stable platform and provides space to enable nursing staff to roll the patient on his/her side to check pressure areas or carry out basic activities like changing sheets and hygiene.

The extended sides are strong and stable and will safely support the patient positioned on one side of the bed for nursing procedures, whilst offering complete security to the patient with the use of the sturdy supporting safety rails.   

When the patient or bed needs to be moved from the ward to other clinical areas the bed easily retracts to a suitable size to enter lifts and go through doorways.

This solution offers maximum flexibility for all patients whether they are small or tall - there are few solutions that offer the unique flexibility of a 75 stone sleep deck that extends to 1.2 meters wide and 2.2 meters long, ensuring its safe use for every bariatric patient.

Unique patient management system.

Once the patient is safely placed on the product this 4 section platform is extremely easy to use. The ergonomic handset is accessible at either side of the bed, its intuitive layout and high contrast buttons ensures easy positional changes with the touch of one button - minimising patient handling and therefore reducing the risk of caregiver injury.

This product can easily and safely get all patients into a full chair position, with the touch of a button both increasing respiratory function yet minimising the risks associated with moving a patient to the chair.

This unique patient management system ensures supine sitting and trendelenburg positioning easily. It has battery back-up to allow position changes during transport, head angle indicators to ensure appropriate head up positions for the high dependent patient and emergency CPR that is easily accessed.

Superior pressure redistribution – as recommended by the EPUAP guidelines.

Obese patients have an increased risk of pressure ulcers and maintaining skin integrity is one of the challenges that nurses will encounter. Changes in skin physiology due to a greater skin–weight ratio, reduced vascularity and perfusion in adipose tissue can all result in poor wound healing. It is important to apply preventive measures for bariatric patients and to provide advanced wound care if pressure ulcers occur. (ref)

Medstroms Bariatric solution offers an advanced pressure redistribution solution that will safely support up to 71 stone. This mattress has been specifically designed to work as an integrated surface with the bed frame, extending to fit the frame in the widest and longest positions - creating a safe, comfortable, easy to use bariatric solution.

This low air loss system will safely support patients up to 71 stone.  Working as a “true low air loss” system, this surface will allow the patient to sink into the cells and effectively redistribute their body weight ensuring the lowest contact pressures are achieved in all positions on the product.  The surface can be further customised with eight easy to use comfort settings allowing maximum flexibility in creating the most comfortable surface for each individual patient, whilst not affecting its inherent ability to redistribute body weight and reduce pressure without caregiver input.

People who carry more weight are also prone to profuse sweating; these patients often suffer skin breakdown, rashes and intertrigo (inflammation that occurs on body folds)

These patients therefore respond favourably to being nursed on a low air loss surface. The air flow helps to reduce a build-up of sweat and maceration and effectively maintain dryer skin - helping to prevent the risk of skin breakdown and create a more comfortable and dignified stay.


Any patient entering hospital deserves a dignified stay, and this is more true for the  bariatric patient. These patients usually come in via accident and emergency, they are left waiting in the ambulance because there is no stretcher to support them and once they get into accident and emergency they remain there longer than anyone else because the wards do not have a bed.

By the time this patient gets to the ward they feel undignified, upset and anxious. At this point they are often then faced with ill fitting hospital gowns which create further anxiety and discomfort .

Part of Medstroms Bariatric solution is the timely delivery of a bed and surface. This delivery is for patient specific episodes and in a time that is agreed with the hospital to ensure the patient experience moving through the hospital is not compromised.

We will also offer a gown and sheet pack with every bed delivered, this allows the clinical staff to quickly get the patient on a surface,  with a sheet that fits the bed, and into a comfortable, dignified gown that fits the patient first time. Or focus in this offering is to reduce any stress and embarrassment for the patient, provide immediate dignity, and minimise stress for the care staff thus helping avoid what is normally a very difficult situation to manage.


Mechanical Specifications


Maximum Back Angle to Horizontal: 65º  
Maximum Knee Angle to Horizontal 35º  
Support Surface Platform to Floor, high 85.7 cm  
Support Surface Platform to Floor, low 47.6 cm  
Height 47.6 - 85.7 cm  


Sleep Surface


Sleep Surface width length
Min 91cm 203cm
max 122cm 223cm
low Height 47.6cm  
High Height 85.7cm  
Underbed Clearance 13.9cm