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AvantGuard 1600

Safe and easy patient mobilisation and transport

AvantGuard 1600

Safe and easy patient mobilisation and transport

Higher levels of patient acuity mean that caregivers need to give more assistance than ever before. Taking advantage of the AvantGuard® 1600 bed functions and our expertise in ergonomics, you will safely and effortlessly provide a higher level of care and assistance to your patients.

Fifth wheel
A fifth wheel allows you to easily and efficiently manoeuvre the bed in any direction.

One-button EasyChair™
The one-button EasyChair™ feature enables caregivers to adjust the bed quickly and as often as required, while minimising the risk of injury.

Line of Site® angle indicators
Easy-to-read Line of Site® angle indicators help you achieve 30-45° head of bed elevation.

Greater efficiency with fewer injuries

User-friendly bed controls allow the patient to reposition himself without assistance, enhancing his autonomy and level of comfort.

One-hand side rail release ideally adapted to confined areas, the clocking movement of the side rails consumes no space at the bedside when raised or lowered.

Integrated weigh scale

  • Display patient's weight in increments of 500g or 100g temporarily
  • Monitor fluid balance

NEW! In-bed thoracic x-rays
Bi-Lateral cassette insertion at the point of care.

  • At any Head of Bed angle - ergonomic posture & comfort.
  • Always available integrated cassette tray.
  • Easily cleaned removable cassette tray.

Every caregiver’s mission is to deliver patient care of the highest quality. 

  • Protecting and mobilising with Mobility-Guard.3-position Mobility-Guard side rails provide an intermediate position for safe patient egress.
  • Alerting of unsafe conditions."Brake-off" and "Lowest Height" indicators alert caregivers to unsafe conditions.
  • Maximising patient safety. Specific caregiver functions with automatic lock-out maximise patient safety.
  • The 1-button Easychair™. Optimise respiratory mechanics by mobilising your patient to a fully seated position with the 1-button EasyChair™.
  • Line-of-Site® Angle Indicators highlight the correct 30º - 45º Head of Bed angle for easy implementation of nursing protocols.
  • Optimal patient positioning. Up to 7 synchronised bed movements help minimise patient repositioning, reducing sheer forces and maximising patient comfort.
  • Patient self mobilisation. Convenient hand grips enable the patient to participate in mobilisation.
  • Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.An ideal combination of frame articulations and therapy surfaces contributes to the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

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