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Hill-Rom 900 Simply Efficient

Hill-Rom 900 Simply Efficient

  • 4 section electric profiling bed
  • Intuitive hand control
  • Safe height light 
  • Full or split side rail design
  • Egress position
  • Mobilisation aids
  • Easy to transport - choice of fifth wheel 
  • Night safe light
  • B-52 complicant 

The Hill-Rom® 900 Bed is built for simplicity with every feature specifically designed to provide ease of use and safety - for both patient and caregivers in acute care and med/surg units.

Easy to care
Intuitive, ergonomic and efficient “Nurse-assist” functions allow you to spend less time operating the bed and more time looking after your patients

Easy to Mobilise
With the help of carefully designed functions such as the Intelligent Auto Contour™, the EasyChair™ and Flat positions, the retractable egress handles, and the one-button egress position, you can effectively progress your patient through the different steps of mobility

Easy to Create a Safe Environment
Protect your patients from harm by making the bedside environment as safe as possible using the Intelligent nightlight, the lowest height indicator, the double lock-out system on the side-rails and the adjustable mattress retainers

Easy to transport
Ergonomically designed endboards, easy-access brake and steer pedal, stationary head section and side-rail protectors facilitate bed transport.

Simply Reliable
Designed with safety and reliability in mind, the Hill-Rom® 900 bed has been tested well beyond the normative requirements to ensure that it will work to its optimum functionality throughout its useful life

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