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Paediatric ICU Cot

This state of the art, easy to operate paediatric cot offers many unique benefits to the care of a critically ill child, a one touch button enables a quick and easy head up position providing comfort as well as improved lung capacity. 

The paediatric cots' transparent siderail design ensures clear observation of the child at all times whilst maintaining safety, removable head and footboards allow direct access to the child for emergency procedures,  this cot also offers the unique benefit of a built in X-Ray facility to ensure " hands off" full body  X-rays can be achieve easily without touching or disturbing the child.

The paediatric cot is specifically designed to aid in infection prevention, with features like transparent siderails, fully moulded base and IP66 ratings- making the cleanablity of this paediatric cot second to none.

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Paediatric ICU Cot
Transparent siderail

Offers complete visibility and observation of the critically ill child, whilst ensuring easy cleaning

Castors & safe break

Allows safe movement with child and ensures safety when parked

Head and footboards

Removable to allow head access in emergency situations and for some procedures 360 degree access is achievable

Radiolucent sleep deck

Unique offering allows “hands off “ full body x-ray procedures for these sick children

IP66 Rating

Electric actuators are washable and will not allow ingress of water, thus fully cleanable & safe

4 section electric bed

Multiple position changes at the touch of a button reducing risks to child and carer, whilst improving lung function and ICP in neurological patients

Easy cleaning

Easy wipedown accessible for cleaning and  visually clean - focus to prevent cross infection

  • 4 section electrically operated platform
  • Electric trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
  • Electric height adjustable
  • Plexiglas side rails design
  • Radiolucent sleep deck
  • IP66 Rating
  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • Control panel
  • Lock outs
  • CPR
  • Base Frame construction, double castors and safe brake system
  • Head and footboard panels with ergonomic push handles and 4 corner bumpers
  • Removable head and footboard
  • Accessory holders
  • Transport tray
  • Battery back up
  • Option of Weigh Scale

This easy to operate paediatric cot offers a one touch button enabling a quick and easy head up position for the child. The head up position is variable and offers a more comfortable and safe position whilst in intensive care. In patients with respiratory failure or distress, sitting up not only affects comfort but also increases residual capacity in the lungs by up to 30%.  The European ICU guidelines suggest 30 degrees of head elevation is best and is easily achieved with this product.

In addition to a head up position this paediatric cot will also provide a knee bend that will help to maintain the patients’ position. This prevents shear and friction occurring if the child slips down the cot thus protecting the skin in these vulnerable patients.

The electric actuator makes this an easy and safe operation to perform for the care giver, minimising the need for any manual handling of the child and still achieving a good position easily safely and efficiently. In children who are very sick, the “hands off” repositioning is beneficial to prevent stress.

Electrically operated trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg, offers great flexibility in both patient positioning and patient care.

Additionally electric variable height can benefit the carer to ensure they carry out nursing procedures with a straight back, and don’t need to be stooped over the cot at any time – thus reducing the risk of back injury.

These functions are achieved with an intuitive and easy to use control panel which is situated at the base of the cot, it allows head up, Trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, height adjustment and bed extension by use of easy to understand controls, with the addition of lock outs to add extra safety.

The unique side rail design allows complete visibility and observation of the child whilst they are nursed in the cot, the construction of a steel coated frame and injection moulded Plexiglas headboard, footboard and side rails offers a real visual management opportunity for busy paediatric intensive care units, these side rails move with the platform for additional safety and when lowered they lower with a semi-automatic device to prevent crashing on the frame.

The radiolucent sleep deck allows easy and “hands off “ x-ray procedures in these sick children – with an easy to access X-ray cassette that can be easily centred  - it ensures a safety for the patient and his carer with no need to move or handle the patient to carry out this procedure.

The option of built in Weigh Scales allows accurate weight monitoring for drug dosage calculations - Scales are class 3, OIML compliant.

  • Sleep deck - 1320 X 650
  • 12 degree trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg
  • height 630mm - 880 mm