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Med Surg Technical Storage

This stylish design is constructed entirely from die cast aluminium, which is extremely lightweight and can be wiped down easily to clean. The modular construction and design allows specific size and configuration selection to best suit the busy Med Surg areas.

Unlike any other storage product on the market  this completely unique design means that the area most likely to harbour infection and the parts that are normally the hardest to clean - are  simply removed by one carer, and can be fully submersed in cleaning solution or sterilised for cleaning, thus ensuring there are no micro-organisms left behind on any surface.

Configurations to suit every setting is at the heart of this product design, storing critical equipment that is clean, visible and accessible – the visibility of items helps with management of stock to ensure  "in date” utilisation in this busy environment and will help ensure best practice in the control and prevention of infection.

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Med Surg Technical Storage

Aluminium construction, lightweight & easily movable

Dismantles fully for cleaning

Closable Lockable Door also removable for cleaning

Fully washable shell

Modular and Future Proof

Castors and robust base

Many Colour Options

Configuration options for all ward areas - configuration allows wards to customised thier storage to ensure that it is clean and visible. as well as using smaller mobile units for bedside use.

Castors and lightweight means units can be moved around the ward and the unique cleanability will help in the control of infection.

Busy Medical and Surgical wards have many different priorities when it comes to storage, from storage of linnen in a clean accessible location to the storage of  bandages, dressings and many other consumables needed to provide the excellent patient care that they do.

The unique modularity of this storage solutions allows specific configurations for each ward area that will store items so that they are visible and specific for the needs of the patient and or nurse.  Storage configurations vary from hanging catheters that are easy to access by size and date, to consumable trays sized to suit the needs of the ward area . All options offer fantastic visibility to help with stock control and date management.  This ensures the clinical area never runs out of vital equipment and the logical organised visible way in which items are stored will help to reduce the financial waste of items going out of date.

The product is constructed entirely from die cast aluminium, which is extremely lightweight and movable. This includes the base frame which is also made from die cast aluminium, ensuring its lightweight characteristic as well as being extremely sturdy. The entire base has rounded corners to prevent injury to the user, and also has 4 plastic impact resistant bumpers again to reduce injury to the carer. The base frame is fitted with four 125mm double castors to ensure it glides easily through the clinical areas reducing risk to the users.

The lockable sliding tambour door are easy to glide open giving full visibility of all stored items inside. Once closed they fully protect the items stored inside.

All internal contents including shelving, shelf runners and trays are removable, in addition the tambour door is easily removed for cleaning leaving a completely empty shell that has no joins or areas to harbour infection. The aluminium is cleanable and easily re configured for use again.  All aluminium parts can be sterilised.

Depth 500

Width 673

Height options - 663,  1275,  1685,  1887,

Bin sizes 600 x 400  (ISO 3394) standard

Depths - 50,  100,  200

Customised Storage options with removable bins


Hanging visible storage for suction and urinary catheters - offering organised, visible date order storage solutions


File storage to centrally store ward information

Linnen storage in adjustable height, removable shelves, the mobility of the unit ensures it can move with the nurse to prevent double handliing of large weights of sheets.


Medication in trays offering visibility and accessibility.

Configuration for ward area, mobile lightweight safe and clean.


Nurse station PC configuration



All internal shelf runners are completely removable with one person and can be immersed for cleaning or sterilised for cleaning.

taking appart


Even the door can be easily removed for cleaning leaving an empty shell for easy cleaning