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When choosing a product to buy, one of the biggest challenges is to understand its financial advantage in the healthcare facility: what will the product do to reduce or eliminate some of the hidden costs that exist today in most heath care facilities?

Our focus in product development is threefold:

  1. To reduce the risk of cross contamination and help with infection prevention
  2. To reduce the risk of injury to the care staff
  3. To reduce the risk of injury to the patient

Infection control

In the US the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that Healthcare associated Infections cause or contributes to 99,000 deaths each year. In Europe it is documented to be 25,000 deaths per year.

This equates to 339 deaths every day, 14 deaths an hour or 1 death every 5 minutes across the US and Europe as a direct result of healthcare associated infections.

Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) is a priority for anyone working in the healthcare service. Whether in an acute hospital or a community health organisation, all are striving to ensure they follow best practice and protect patients and staff from the spread of infection. Every product we develop is focused on helping to minimise the risk of cross contamination with added anti-microbial options in every range.

The costs of Hospital Acquired infections are estimated to cost 6.3 billion Euros per year in Europe, as published by the European infection control surveillance (HELICS). This does not include the cost of loss of life.

Reduce the risk of injury to care staff

We design and develop Medical products that are easy to clean and easy to move and ensure they are lightweight to prevent any risk when moving, some surface options we have will minimise the risks associated with manual patient handling ensuring safety of both the care staff and patients alike.

The centre of disease prevention published annual costs of nursing back injury to be $20b, with the UK publishing figures of £400m a year. Our focus will continue to innovate products that will reduce this risk

Reduce the risk of injury to patients

The risk to patients whether it’s a hospital acquired infection, a patient fall or the development of hospital acquired pressure damage is a key clinical consideration during the development of all of our products. The features in the designs all have an impact towards prevention of potential risks. For example any patient surface will maximise pressure redistribution in line with the recommendations of the EPUAP (European pressure ulcer advisory panel) to help prevent tissue damage; which bears a huge cost on the various health care systems around the world.

The US estimates the average hospital will spend $700,000 on pressure ulcer treatment; the UK publish costs of £1.4- £2.1b which is 5 % of the NHS budget, and in one study the EPUAP publish that an average cost of a pressure ulcer on a patient costs as much as 120,000 euros . Prevention of these risks is therefore a key priority.