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Infection control issues in the clinical area

In the US the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that Healthcare associated Infections cause or contributes to 99,000 deaths each year.

In Europe it is documented to be 25,000 deaths per year

This equates to 339 every day 14 deaths an hour or 1 death every 5 minutes across the US and Europe as a direct result of Healthcare associated Infections

Infection Prevention and Control (IP&C) is a priority for anyone working in the healthcare service, specifically in a theatre environment.  Gram-negative micro-organisms can survive for a long time on surfaces in the hospital and can enter the body through wounds created on the operating table. This in combination with the lowered immune system in many hospitalised patients makes cross infection a never ending risk.

Operating rooms are busy but sterile zones, the need to have sterile storage and surfaces is absolutely critical, in addition the ability to be able to sterilise a storage cabinet before use or after surgery will bring real benefits to infection prevention.

The need for clear visible storage in theatre is also key to a productive day, ensuring visible stock control will have many benefits - not least ensuring only the use of "in-date" items, but also ensuring items don't go out of date and then have to be disposed of - therefore saving valuable monies.

Additionally visible storage will ensure you don't run out of vital items which will lead to a delay in surgery and patient care.

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